AgelessRx Publishes Comprehensive Page Detailing the Various Metformin Side Effects and How to Treat Them

Telehealth longevity platform AgelessRx is pleased to announce the publication of a comprehensive new page detailing the various side effects of the popular longevity and disease prevention drug, Metformin. Since the introduction of Metformin by AgelessRx, it has become a choice drug helping to activate longevity pathways and reduce the risk of age-related diseases like diabetes. Like every drug or supplement, Metformin comes with possible side effects and for efficient use, AgelessRx believes Metformin’s side effects should be known, including ways to combat them.

This is why they have made this publication on Metformin Side Effects. This new page outlines everything there’s to know about Metformin’s side effects. The World Health Organization (WHO) has included Metformin on its Model List of Essential Medicines, a catalog of some of the safest, most effective, and most economical medications in the world. Nonetheless, gastrointestinal (stomach) issues are the commonly reported side effects by users of Metformin. Side effects from the intake of Metformin can include:

  1. loose stool or diarrhea,
  2. stomach cramps,
  3. gas and bloating,
  4. nausea,
  5. and/or B12 deficiency

Aside from a breakdown of the side effects of Metformin, AgelessRx also explains how users could avoid these side effects and if they show up and how they can handle them. The page is an effort to educate patients and healthcare providers alike. By understanding what these side effects are, how to avoid them, and safe ways to tackle them, patients and healthcare providers will be able to administer Metformin and hopefully experience results.

Metformin is a drug that targets several aging-related mechanisms and has demonstrated protective effects against several age-related diseases. The drug may be effective in lowering the risk of colon & pancreatic cancer and may reduce the risk of cognitive impairment & dementia. It is also believed to reduce the risk of macrovascular diseases and diabetes.

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AgelessRx is a telehealth longevity platform that specializes in anti-aging. If you are looking for longevity products to slow down the accumulation of aging-related damage, this online platform can service clients in all 50 states via its website. AgelessRx provides a better alternative to traditional anti-aging clinics. Their ability for patients to get doctor-assisted care and prescribed products from the comfort of their homes has eliminated the geographical constraints of finding a convenient anti-aging clinic.

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