Qualified Lead Generation For Dentists: Appointment-Setting Software Launched.

With the launch, Digital Leads LLC is providing dental practitioners with a tool for attracting new patients to their clinics. The Patient Influx 2.0 System has been proven to help scale and grow dental practices by as much as 10 times in 30 days.

More details can be found at https://www.digitalleadstxs.com

For both new and established dental practices, attracting patients and securing their long-term business can be difficult. Many dentists waste time and money pursuing low-quality leads and eventually end up reverting to traditional referral systems. Digital Leads LLC’s new Patient Influx 2.0 System helps dentists recruit patients and book appointments more efficiently and at a higher rate.

The Patient Influx 2.0 System uses a variety of tools to boost a dental practice’s appointment-based leads. It utilizes a social media ads system, which sends out special offer campaigns tailored to the practice. It also employs a search engine strategy of putting ads on all high-traffic sites such as Google, FaceBook, YouTube, and so on.

The Patient Influx 2.0 System’s “Just Do It” Software also provides dental practices with everything they need to automatically start conversations with prospective patients. This includes long-term email, text, and voice mail nurturing sequences.

To get prospective patients to book an appointment, the Patient Influx 2.0 System also includes a pre-qualified pain assessment. This survey asks patients preliminary treatment questions in an attempt to get them to commit to treatment and schedule an appointment within 5 days. The questions are fully customizable and can be tailored to any dental practice.

With the Patient Influx 2.0 System, Digital Leads LLC hopes to provide dental practices with patients who are committed to a thorough and long-term treatment plan, routinely show up for their scheduled visits, and are invested in their health.

“A lot of prospective patients are hesitant to book an appointment because of costs, pain, and time commitments,” said a satisfied client. “In the past, we haven’t had a reliable method of communicating directly with patients to properly inform them and put their minds at ease. The Patient Influx 2.0 System brings them to us and even gets them to commit to an appointment, which for many prospective patients is progress in and of itself. It helped us out a lot.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.digitalleadstxs.com

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