Treasure NFT Goes Online Worldwide: Creating the world’s first comprehensive trading platform for NFTs based on pricing algorithms

Colorado, Colorado, United States, 5th Oct 2022, King NewsWire, Treasure NFT is the world’s first comprehensive trading platform for NFTs based on pricing algorithms for trading. Through algorithmic aggregation and the release of NFT liquidity, a one-stop income generation platform has been created.



The scale of the NFT market continues to expand along with the advancement of global digitization, and the scale of NFT asset creation and transactions has increased along with it. According to an IDC data forecast, by 2025 the total amount data generated, consumed, copied, and stored globally will reach 181 ZB, 2.8 times that of 2020.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of traditional industries as well as people’s work and life. Digital assets are becoming a new means of work and production. The IDC predicts that a large amount of data will be stored in public cloud space in the future, close to 50%. NFTs are used as both proof of digital assets as well as a decentralized means to transact, and demand and usage scenarios for them will only continue to expand in the future.

As a rising major player in the NFT market, Treasure NFT is taking over the field with its NFT dividend income.

Treasure NFT – A New Generation of Trading Driven by Innovation

Innovative Platform: Treasure NFT adopts an industry-leading innovative algorithmic price trading model. Through an AI-based algorithmic pricing model, an NFT price asset pool is established that makes the price of NFTs rise in a more reasonable and orderly manner. The price of NFTs is gradually adjusted according to moves in the market, which protects its liquidity and maintains its price, thus gradually releasing the huge market potential of NFTs.

Platform Ecology: Treasure NFT will integrate and support multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, TRON, and other for NFT minting and release. It will also support multi-chain asset transactions and transactions using traditional currencies.

Platform Scope: Treasure NFT will use the influence of its platform within the industry to help traditional brands capitalize on their IP using NFTs and enter the metaverse. This will empower brands to increase their influence in the crypto space and help them expand their roadmap and acquire other players and teammates within the space.

Platform Positioning: The Treasure NFT platform takes NFT trading as its core interest and focus, however at the same time it is also seeking to position itself as the world’s first universal income generating platform based on the metaverse. Through decentralization, the income generated by algorithmic trading is shared among all participants, and through positive incentive structures, all participants are fully encouraged and motivated to engage with the community and the platform.

Everyone is motivated to contribute something to the platform so that everyone can win.

Platform Experience: Users can easily create, sell, and collect rare digital artwork on the Treasure NFT platform and the owner’s rights are protected by the blockchain’s decentralized system. Blockchain technology provides a decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transfer system, which can ensure the protection of the value and ownership of NFTs as well as the healthy circulation of NFTs within the market. The platform enables creators to access new income streams and provides a place to store or trade art assets. It also guarantees the scarcity and originality of works and solves problems such as copyright traceability.

Treasure NFT – A Friendlier Platform for Web 3.0 Creators

Treasure NFT builds a bridge between creators and the world of crypto. Treasure NFT promotes data rights, the sharing of value, and the healthy circulation of NFTs and other assets. Through this trading platform, every crypto asset enthusiast and investor can obtain their favorite crypto assets. At the same time, creators can also put their works on the open market for users to choose from. As a bridge linking the real world and the crypto world, Treasure NFT will greatly promote the digitization and branding of creative works, and provide creators with more channels for income generation, thus greatly promoting the universalization of digital art.

Future Expansion

Through its new algorithmic trading model as well as its inclusive financial model, Treasure NFT will further reduce the barrier to entry to and expand the boundaries of the NFT market. In the future, Treasure NFT will focus on multiple asset classes such as metaverse assets, IP-based assets, and crypto gaming assets, to create a world-class NFT trading marketplace.


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