How to make the LCD display advertising machine more attractive?

Tips how to make advertisement display more attractive by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement

London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022 – The multimedia information distribution system of advertising machine integrates the diversity and vividness of multimedia video information, realizes the remote centralized management of information distribution and content update at any time, so that the audience can receive the freshest kinds of information at the first time.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

Then, digital signage advertising machine is being used in large quantities, how to make their advertising content stand out from the mass of information, more attractive becomes a very tricky problem. Here we share a few key points of content setting.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

Make the LCD advertising machine more attractive method analysis.


You can target a certain type of audience groups to play ads. For example, if the advertising target is the student group, you may want to set the keywords and visual effects of popular social media content. Targeted design of advertising content can get more attention.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

2. Fresh and interesting, combining work and leisure

Advertising machine can play some entertainment information. Let others can relax in between the day’s work ride. Or play something fresh and interesting; can give people more guidance on life and difficulties in work. Ensure that the information is fresh and concise, moderate entertainment.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)


The information design needs to be unique and sensory stimulating for the audience to find and remember, as people are usually more likely to pay attention to what is different. It should be reminded that the content needs to be prioritized, otherwise, if every information point is designed in this way, the result is that the most important information will be overwhelmed and diluted.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

4、Interactive participation

Many times, the audience enjoys participating in it, it may be worthwhile to provide the audience to ask questions or seek more information on the way to participate. Sometimes a simple engagement may be more effective than a pile of words.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

LCD advertising machine for customer’s business needs, with foresight, expansion, advanced, practical design ideas, to take centralized control, unified management of pictures, slides, animation, audio, video and scrolling subtitles and other types of media files combined into multimedia programs, through the network transmission to the digital media controller, and then by the digital media controller in accordance with the control rules on the corresponding display devices for Then the digital media controller plays and controls them in order according to the control rules on the corresponding display devices, and inserts news, pictures, emergency notices and other kinds of instant information at any time to deliver the latest information to the audience at the first time.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

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