PEMF For Anxiety – Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy Benefits Guide Launched, a website dedicated to highlighting the health benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Therapy, has announced the publication of an online guide about PEMF Therapy.

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The announcement will be of interest to anyone seeking a drug-free treatment to help with their stress and anxiety levels, tiredness and fatigue, pain and discomfort, and general lack of well-being.

PEMF Therapy is a natural and proven approach to health and wellness using low frequency, short duration, low-intensity magnetic pulses which stimulate body tissues and improve health.

The guide highlights how numerous studies have proven PEMF Therapy to be effective at improving many different conditions without the harmful side effects often associated with prescription medicines and other medical procedures.

PEMF Therapy has been thoroughly researched by NASA scientists, who monitored its effect on astronauts who were experiencing bone and tissue degeneration, depression, and weakened immune systems after returning from prolonged periods in space.

The NASA research demonstrated that electromagnetic field stimulation improved bone and tissue regrowth by more than 250% and up to 400%. The research also found that adding pulsating electromagnetic fields to its space capsules helped astronauts deal with their levels of sickness and lack of energy.

A spokesperson for said, “Until recently, PEMF Therapy was only available through large and expensive equipment which could cost upwards of $22,000. However, thanks to advances in technology, PEMF Therapy is now available as a fully automated and discreet wearable device, allowing individuals to access 24/7 wellness support at a fraction of the cost of existing systems.”

The wearable devices made by Redhealth Wear have a number of settings that are designed to boost the body’s energy system and biological rhythms. The devices are also popular with athletes who use them to enhance mental and physical performance and aid recovery.

However, these portable devices are not limited to human use. Redhealth has specific devices that can be used to treat pets and even horses to boost their bodies’ natural self-healing and self-regulation.

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