The Aspen Commission ™ recruits George Mentz as Chairman and General Counsel – The Aspen Commission has Members in 150 Nations

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(COLORADO SPRING, CO, MAY 18TH) The Aspen Commission ™ is a global leadership body dedicated to cultivating a world of peace in which all people can live in harmony, sustainability, freedom, and prosperity.  The Aspen Commission is also partners with the GEC Global Economic Commission ™.

The Aspen Commission ™  is located in Colorado is committed to innovations in diplomacy, science, government, law, philosophy, spirituality, economics, ethics and business. The Aspen Commission ™  is composed of Good Will Ambassadors, Global Advisory Board Members, and Member Commissioners. 

The Aspen Commission strives to improve the world by engaging organizations, NGOs, governmental, academic, and other leaders of society to shape regional and international advancement.  The Aspen Commission is dedicated to: global peace, global prosperity and helping nations and those in need with ideas, strategy, education, and assistance.

CEOs, nobility, former heads of state, economists, spiritual leaders, best-selling authors and other influential leaders of the world are routinely invited to the Aspen Commission conferences which are dedicated to ethics, education and quality of living for all nations. The Aspen Commission ™ is approved by the International Board of Standards which is first in the USA to be ESQ European accredited and ISO 21001 Certified for training and  ISO 9001 Certified in management excellence.

Commissioner George Mentz stated that, “In this time of global transformation, education is critical for international harmony, health, fair trade and leadership.”  Mentz is an internationally award winning author and executive who has a earned doctorate in civil law, an earned MBA and an graduate International Law Cert/Diploma. Mentz  is the first graduate law professor at ABA accredited law schools to teach in the areas of wealth management and asset management and has been seen on radio, press and podcasts worldwide. Mentz was recently ranked #2 in the world for Wealth Management Influencers.

~ The Aspen Commission ™ is a global educational organization dedicated to world harmony and freedom.  The Aspen Commission ™ framework is rooted in the principles of the Council of Foreign Ministers est. 1945 to facilitate world peace. Since 1996  the Board of Standards is focused on education, leadership and solutions to solve many problems both in the USA and EU but around the world.  The Aspen Commission has members in over 150 countries and is accredited from the EU for training and the Aspen Commission has a digital certification training serving thousand around the world in the areas of leadership, tax, management, human resources, wealth management and more.]  Mentz is an attorney with Consumer Protection Firm  Class Action Lawsuit.ORG™


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