Rice substitutional foods: 5 low-carb healthy foods

Rice isn’t just a staple eating regimen of many individuals but at the same time is filling and heavenly. Alongside it, rice accompanies its own arrangement of cons. For individuals who are watching out to remove carbs of their eating regimen must offer rice a reprieve. Rice is stacked with carbs and ought to be kept away from in the event that you are intending to slim down.

For the individuals who can’t relinquish rice, here are a couple of low carb nourishments which can be the ideal substitution of rice on your plate:


An exceptionally famous rice substitute, quinoa will give you double the protein than rice. It has a grainy surface and is fundamentally the seed of a plant called goosefoot. It contains all the nine sorts of amino acids, which are basic for the body. While being low on carbs, quinoa isn’t just a decent substitution of rice however will likewise satisfy your every day portion of sustenance.

2.Diced cauliflower

An astounding wellspring of sustenance, diced cauliflower can be your next substitute for rice. Simply utilize your food processor or mesh the cauliflower well. The final result will appear to be like rice. ½ cup of riced cauliflower will have only 13 calories, while ½ cup of rice will have 100. In the event that you wish to cut your calories consumption, change to riced cauliflower as quickly as time permits.


With a chewy surface and natural taste, grain is a storage facility of nourishment. It is a sort of coarse grain, which is firmly identified with wheat and rye. Grain is stacked with protein, fiber, zinc and selenium. You can remember grain for your eating routine on the off chance that you need to fuse various surfaces of grains in your eating regimen.

4.Chopped cabbage

Another vegetable turned rice, cabbage is a sound pick for the individuals who need a serving of rice with their suppers. Cabbage is an incredible wellspring of nutrients C and K and is very low on the calorie end. Cabbage is additionally known to streghthen bones and control blood stream in the body.

5.Shirataki rice

An exceptionally mainstream rice substitute in Asia, shirataki rice is ideal for a low carb dinner. This rice is produced using 97% water and 3% fiber and is normally low in calories. It’s produced using konjac root, which is local to Asia and is a decent wellspring of a novel fiber called glucomannan. It contains unimportant calories and is right around a without calorie rice.

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